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We value education over doing it yourself because it provides a methondology and principals in general.
We pride in getting the right certification for the area of expertise as a way to prove our professionalism.
It's true that education and certifications alone are not enough to become a master.  Our experience is the reason why we get it right the first time.
Our ability to provide many solutions is due in part to our extensive network of partners in key areas of technology and business.


As a technology company we understand the responsibility of providing core services for your business.
All businesses are dependent on IT and electronics systems and our job to make the collaboration secure, efficient and profitable.  While most company seek ways to have you paying, we seek ways that will work with little to no maintenance.
We believe that the only way to provide the right solution is to understand your business, your processes and your vision.  We work together until we get to the desired outcome.   Only then can all of us be happy about what we do and you in turn will be happy with your investment in our services and equipment.

Easy Management


At Digital Access we can provide you with the service and support you expect.  We have a 100% satisfaction rate with the best guarantee in the industry. Information Technology, Computer Repair, Surveillance Systems, Audio/Video Installations and Point of Sale are some key areas we provide services for.  

We work the complex side of technology, creating the proper access rules, security and settings while providing a way for you to be able to manage it easily and to focus on the information you need at the time.
Systems are able to run on your premises or on the cloud giving you knowledge and control over assets and information.

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We guarantee to get it right!

Every service we offer has a guarantee.  If there is ever a problem we attend to it right away and resolve it quickly.
Every part we install and everything we sell has a warranty.  No need to call the manufacturer, we are capable in troubleshooting and repair on everything that we sell, configure and install.


We thrive on honesty.  Feel confident that you will receive exactly what has been recommended and configured properly.  We have seen too many instances where business are being sold obsolete equipment or missconfigured Servers and no security.  We approach your request on many angles and because of our core understanding in everything that we do, we are able to offer you options.
Idealy we aim for solutions that will last 5-10 years without problems thus saving you time and money.


We like for you to undestand what is offered so you can make the right decision.  We take the time to make sure that everything is laid out infront of you.  We will be your guide for all your technology needs since we know what it takes to service, maintain and protect your assets, information and digital equipment.
Stracture and Organization

We provide a map of solutions and infrastructure in order to make for a secure and easily scalable environment.



Fear of technology comes in many forms; fear of complexity, fear of reliability, fear of the costs and fear of security.  We simplify and customize technology to your needs and we outline all the costs so there are no surprises; In fact all business solutions come with free support for 3-5yrs depending on the product.  Our security policies ensure that you can use the Internet safely as well as manage your data safely with multiple users across a complex network with individual rights based on required access.
Our focus is on the unique aspects of a business and its management rather than on one specific manufacturer or technology.  We partner with our clients so we can come up with solutions that will best achieve an expandable unified system while providing an infrastructure that is unique for that enterprise. 



Our skills and abilities in the technology field are vast because we do not only integrate but we also repair all electronics and computers down to component level which gives us a remarkable advantage over our competitors. Our methodology in maintenace provides reliability and long use in small and enterprise scale electronics and computers.
Our support policies include guidelines that are meant to help us, help you.  Expect to be heard and expect to get a relevant answer to your request; these are just a few of the qualities you'll find here at Digital Access Systems.  In business the rules are simple, when there is a problem we find a solution, when there is a future ahead then there is room for improvement.